United Starseed Federation

Center of Home World Connections, DNA Reactivation, Past Life Regression, Earth Mission Recovery, Spiritual Healing & Ascension.

           Welcome Home USF Crew Members!


We at the United Starseed Federation facilitate a conducive atmosphere for constructive learning, training and networking. We believe it takes a Universe to teach a Starseed. In sharing of Divine Cosmic Esoteric Quantum Knowledge with our fellow Masters and Students, we provide a virtual training ground for Spiritual Ascension and Earth Mission Recovery.

Channeled Message: "The day has come that the world shall know us by the light in our hands. And this light shall heal life eternal.  We Are United Starseed Federation."

Cmdr. Cha-De'-Ra, USF Fleet Liason

We send our Eternal Healing, Love & Light throughout the Universe!



o petition for membership to United Starseed Federation you must be sponsored by an existing USF Member. You may petition individually, however, your petition must be approved by the USF Admissions Board. All petitions must be fully completed by the petitioner prior to acceptance into United Starseed Federation. Incomplete petitions are not permissible and will be declined for membership.

Please give a warm welcome to the United Starseed Federation's Administrators and USF Moderators: Maria Sousa, "El", Runa, Dolphin Light, Awaken Light, Hathor, Arcturus RA, Tauheeda, Ankhesenamen

USF Executive Administrative Assistant: TBA

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Secret World of Crystals 2013

INTENTION: (focus, determination, purpose) - The ability to manifest change in your life is directly related to the clarity of your intentions. Intention is the birthplace of future creation and defines your life experience, insight and understanding. You are guided to practice focusing your intent through daily meditations and confirm they are aligned with your highest spiritual values. Your intention defines the shape and form for your life journey. This is a sign to clarify your intent and to create the positive change you desire. Setting positive intention and manifesting into reality is your divine nature and highest spiritual calling.





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